It’s Days Like Today…

that make me love being a WAHM. I mean, I love it anyway, but there are some days that make me sigh with satisfaction, and today was one of them.

The day started off with me loading my car with boxes of clay, and the children.  I took Bean to school and sat on the low wall in the playground while he played with his friends before the whistle went.  We stood in line with him and then waved him off as his class plodded off to their classroom.  Then Plum and I made our way back to the car and I started the process of unloading the boxes of clat and finding someone to take them to where they were needed.

Today, I and a fellow Precious Memories artist, Claire, gave a talk to a small group of year 6 children about running a business and the importance of having good literacy, numeracy and social skills.  We added in a bit about the importance of listening carefully and asking questions when you’re not sure of something.  Then we worked with the children on creating a piece of art in relief.  I was really impressed with some of the work they produced.

We did this all again after a quick coffee and then it was time to pack up again.  We finished just in time for Plum and I to go and meet Bean for lunch (I love this about Bean’s school – family are welcome to drop in for lunch at a moment’s notice) and then we came home.  After settling Plum for a nap, I had time to start work on processing some of the children’s art from this morning, and work on some commissions for clients, and then it was off to school again to collect Bean.

Now, Plum and Bean are playing nicely together, and I’m having a quick cuppa.  Once Bean’s in bed and Plum is settled with Daddy later this evening, I’ll get my equipment ready for seeing another new client in the morning.

There aren’t many jobs which are so enjoyable, allow you to take your child/ren to work with you, give you the opportunity to spend time at school during the day and let you get creative.

I love my work!

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4 comments on “It’s Days Like Today…

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  2. Hi, thanks for joining in the blog carnival! It’s great to read about a mum who is really enjoying her business.

  3. It is great being a wahm. I love it too, wish my children’s school let us drop in for lunch too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. We are blessed to find jobs that we can enjoy and take our babies along with us! I’ve been lucky enough to do something similar. And now my youngest has just started school; it all whizzes by so fast! Thanks for your post.

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