I helped!

A very quick post today because I’ve been out all day, and am tired. Plum has been unwell all week and if by turns very grumpy and very tired.

But anyway. I helped someone!  I was at a school garden party today, and on seeing my feed Plum, another Mum asked for my advice.  She’d been enjoying feeding her beautiful daughter, but was suddenly finding herself struggling.  She’d been advised to do all sorts, including offering formula top-ups but really wanted to persevere with breastfeeding.  She’d just lost her confidence.  After a quick chat, it emerged they had hit the dreaded four-and-a-half-month growth spurt.

I was able to reassure her that baby’s sudden desire to feed almost constantly was absolutely normal, and that it would pass and they would come out the other side of it.  I was also able to give her details of her local breastfeeding group and assure her she would be very welcome there.  She seemed happier by the end of our chat.

I really hope I was able to make a difference, at least in reinforcing her confidence in her ability to feed her daughter.

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