Breastfeeding Awareness Week starts next Sunday and this blog will be devoted to it all week. You may be aware that the Government has decided to cut all funding for this valuable promotion week.  To say that this seems like a daft idea is an understatement; the government[…]

Houston, we have a problem. Plum is a bit confused.  She seems to have forgotten that night time is for sleeping.  She was doing really well until we hit the 4 and a bit month growth spurt and since then her sleep pattern has changed. Whilst she’s quite[…]

mysterious egg

Well, the excitement continues.  It’s interesting that the older children at the school seem to be as, if not more, excited that the younger ones. The Investigating Man (white coat, magnifying glass; Bean’s name for him) has investigated.  The reception class has been making models of what they[…]

It’s my Birthday   “I’m not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You’re as old as you feel.” Elizabeth Arden

A third of the way through June already; this year is flying by.  Bean has nearly finished his first year at school!  Today’s positive thinking: 1. I’m really very lucky and grateful to have such a supportive husband.  This week has been a struggle for me and I[…]