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Kim from Preloved Reloved

Put your hand up if you love to have a splurge on new clothes now and again. Do you love that feeling of getting home with bags full of new outfits? Could you get that same feeling from second hand clothes?

Kim Sklinar is hoping she can. She has set herself a challenge to buy no new clothes this year. Her mission is to wear only second hand clothes during 2011. Instead of hitting the high street shops, she’ll upcycling and recycling, buying from charity shops and jumble sales, all in a bid to raise money for charity. She says:

I am looking forward to not bumping into three people wearing the same dress as me at the same event! More and more vintage pieces are sneaking into my wardrobe and I love hunting for unusual items. I love new garments (new to me, anyway) and I will be updating my outfits as the seasons come and go.

You can follow her journey through her year of second hand at Preloved Reloved, the project blog, and you can also donate to her Just Giving page from there. Kim is raising money for Macmillan, after her father died from cancer at the beginning of this year.

Tweets of encouragement are welcome, as are ideas of where she can find great second hand clothes.  Donations are very welcome too, of course.

It’s got me thinking though.  How easy could it be? (D’ya see?  I didn’t ask “how hard can it be?”, because I think the answer might be “flippin’ hard!”).  Perhaps we could all give it a go.  Maybe not for a year at a time, but perhaps alongside buying new – instead of buying all new, buying some new and the rest second hand. I wonder how many of us would succeed?


“We might not be able to pull it off, but if anyone is going to know how to wear a purple and pink 50s day dress it’s Kim Sklinar of Preloved Reloved

Londonist, 9th May

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