Breastfeeding Awareness Week: Emma’s Story

Emma is a mum of four who has found that when it comes to feeding, each child has their own journey.


I had my first son in hospital but found I had no support when I began my breastfeeding journey, so through trial and error, acceptance of pain and constant feeding 24/7 I fed him until he was four months old.

At this point I secretly changed his night feed to formula in a desperate attempt to get some sleep. The guilt I felt in doing so was overwhelming; I kept it a secret because I felt like a failure. “Breast is best” and I was introducing formula.

My middle two boys were both delivered at home and I was supported by my wonderful midwife who always found time to help me. Feeding my boys was a dream and although there were a few hiccups early on (mastitis & thrush in the breast) it felt natural, calm and happy with no pain. They both fed until they no longer wanted to: 9 months & 13 months.

My fourth baby was again delivered at home, I gave it no thought but feeding her was very different. From her first skin to skin feed, it has been a struggle; she wouldn’t latch on, I have experienced sore/cracked/blistered & bleeding nipples, milk pours from her nose soaking the both of us and still she is difficult and fussy when feeding.

I have been very lucky again with support and time from my midwife and have access to a breastfeeding group to help me overcome my problems. Although feeding my baby still comes with its difficulties we will carry on and enjoy the precious moments breastfeeding provides.


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