Breastfeeding Awareness Week: Daniel’s Story

Time for a change; this time a breastfeeding story from a Dad’s perspective.


I thought my wife’s decision to breastfeed was excellent.  Breast milk would provide my daughter with the best nutrition; it seemed a natural thing to do, baby/mum would bond and it made sense.

Ultimately though; it wasn’t me who would have our daughter attached to me when she was hungry and be up for the night feeds, nor would I experience soreness; tenderness and tiredness –  things I was aware of but didn’t appreciate . It would be my wife.

To help ‘share the load’ of feeding, we discussed alternatives and agreeing breast is best,  my wife started to express her milk and store it in the fridge by day 5 of coming home. Our daughter took to the bottle feeding/breast feeding combination with ease – introducing breast milk by bottle and by breast at an early stage, definitely seemed to make it a natural thing for our daughter.

This decision greatly encouraged my wife to continue to breast feed until she returned to work. By not doing this, my wife would have stopped breastfeeding all together. It gave me the opportunity to physically support my wife in feeding our baby.


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