Breastfeeding Awareness Week

So next week is Breastfeeding Awareness Week. It’s an important week, in place to educate about the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child, and it’s important because it encourages people to support those who are breastfeeding.

The government doesn’t see it that way though and have withdrawn all funding for it, despite claiming to support breastfeeding as the best start in life and despite claiming to want to improve breastfeeding rates in the UK, which are pitifully low unfortunately. Clearly, the government feels the best way to support and promote breastfeeding is to cut all funding for support initiatives.

But I digress. This post is about Breastfeeding Awareness Week. In fact, all the posts for the coming week are about Breastfeeding Awareness Week. I have gathered breastfeeding stories from first time mums and those with several children; from those who never intended to breastfeed and those who never intended to do anything else.  For the next week, the blog is devoted to breastfeeders (past, present and future) everywhere and to those who support them, in any capacity.

You can read my own breastfeeding journey in some of the posts on this blog. Battle of the Boobs is the story of breastfeeding my first child, Bean, who I fed until shortly after his second birthday. Give Me Back My Boobs! is the story of hitting that dreaded four month growth spurt with Plum, my second child. She is now six months old and still feeding with enthusiasm, although she is also loving exploring solid food, and seems to have a particular liking for Mexican food!

Have Boobs, Will Travel is my top ten list of unusual and unlikely places to breastfeed a child.  When I first started to feed Bean, I was uite self conscious about feeding in public.  I soon realised that if I ever wanted to leave the house, that would have to change, and before long I was feeding anywhere and everywhere – that tradition has continued and expanded since Plum arrived!

And finally, Dinner Time is a “Wordless Wednesday” post featuring a picture of Plum feeding when she was just a few hours old.

As part of my work as a breastfeeding peer supporter I will be helping to give out leaflets and information in the Idelwells Shopping Centre, Sutton in Ashfield on Monday 20 June, and I will be attending a celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Week at the Summit Centre in Kirkby in Ashfield on Thursday 23 June, between 11am and 1pm.  Come along if you can – there are activities for adults and children, a tombola and free hand massages – and I’ll be “graduating” as a peer supporter, having completed my training!


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2 comments on “Breastfeeding Awareness Week

  1. hi there, i just thought you might like to know that i am creating a gallery for breastfeeding awareness week on my blog, all photos of babies aged one and over being nursed.
    i wondered if you might like to participate?
    love for now
    the mule x

    • Mahala on said:

      Great idea! I don’t have any photos of my son nursing over a year old and my daughter is only half way there 🙂

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