Wordless Wednesday: The Newlyweds

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10 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: The Newlyweds

  1. What a great time it looks like was had.

  2. Sorry there was meant to be more to that! In all wedding pictures I have that look of a similar age, there is never a smile from the Bride and Groom, so I love that this picture is lots of smiles.

  3. I love old wedding pictures like this…and yes, they do look very happy…almost giddy about the fact that they are now wed.

  4. Great picture! Happy Wednesday!

  5. what a lovely couple! he looks so proud and full of himself for capturing such a beautiful bride, and her happiness just SHINES thru her eyes! thank you for sharing this moment in time!

  6. I just LOVE old photos!

  7. I love old photos and they look so happy! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  8. Everyone always looked so handsome back then! Love the wedding picture!

  9. Harriet on said:

    I love that!

    Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

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