TFI Friday 10 June

A third of the way through June already; this year is flying by.  Bean has nearly finished his first year at school!  Today’s positive thinking:

1. I’m really very lucky and grateful to have such a supportive husband.  This week has been a struggle for me and I feel like I’ve taken a big step backwards regarding my depression.  But my husband has been there, stepped in and stopped the retrograde steps in their tracks.  Now we’ll work together to get back to where I was.  Thanks Tomsk.

2. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m looking forward to it.  This time ten years ago I was having a melt down over turning 27.  I have no idea why 27 was a problem for me but it was.  A big problem. This time, I’m fine with being 37 tomorrow.  Perhaps that’s because, despite all the things going on at the moment, I feel more settled and secure than I ever have done. And anyway, it’s still this side of 40. Just.

3.  Finally (and apologies if a note of not-quite-positivity creeps in here), I’m looking forward to Plum rediscovering the joys of sleep. Mummy does not do well on a maximum of three hours sleep.  Us oldies need our kip love, OK?


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  1. I love you. XXX

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