The Case of the Mysterious Egg, Part 1

mysterious egg

Much excitement at Bean’s school yesterday. At the start of the day, there were three men standing in the school field, inside a cordoned off area. This caused lots of chatter in the playground, but we adults heard nothing more about it until home time.

When the children came out they were full of the story. The men had been peering at a mysterious egg that had appeared in the middle of the school field. A mysterious, large egg. A mysterious, large multicoloured egg. A mysterious, large, multicoloured, smoking egg. Well.

An artist's impression of what the egg may have looked like

The men (one in a suit, writing on a clipboard; one in a white forensic suit; one with a camera) looked carefully at the egg and took photos of it. They called the man at the museum and told him all about the egg, and the man at the museum told them to bring the egg to him. So they did.

The children are wondering what is in the egg and where it came from. Some think it might be a baby dragon. Mrs Maddison, the Boss, thinks that whatever was in the egg might be having a cup of tea. Bean thinks it might be a baby ostrich; he think an ostrich got in a plane and flew to England and dropped its egg on his school field, except that he thinks perhaps the egg is too big for an ostrich.

And so we wait, with baited breath.

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