Just Call Me Cynthia

So, yesterday was an exciting day. *straight face*

Yesterday was a day of trying to fit the jobs I wanted to do around the jobs that needed doing.  The lawns needed de-weeding and mowing, the hedge trimmings needed taking to the tip – all of which my husband did, but whilst he did those things, I couldn’t do my things because of course, the children needed looking after, and my jobs weren’t conducive to doing the two at the same time.

I did manage to make some small sample tiles which will become colour samples for my 2D plaques, but that was about all I got done.

And then the entire evening was spent working on Stonelaughter Flutes, the website from which we showcase my husband’s flutes.  It’s now live, although I still have some tweaks to make, but it took quite some doing.  Lots of to-ing and fro-ing to edit codes here and there, which is fiddly enough in itself, but when you’re trying to do it one handed whilst you feed a baby (a baby who spends most of the evening feeding …) it can be tricky.  And that’s before I edited the copy I was given to put on the site.  Don’t get me started on that!

And then there was his blog.  The request “could you just change the font size here” turned into a decision to completely retheme the whole thing.  All in all, an awful lot of work for one evening.  Just think how much I could have earned if I was getting paid for all this work!

Cynthia Payned edited websites in exchange for luncheon vouchers.

This is where Cynthia comes in.  I mentioned the lack of payment.  A payment, of sorts, was offered.  I turned my nose up at the offer and said I’d prefer luncheon vouchers, all things considered (just to clarify, I get paid in luncheon vouchers for some online work I do – just enough to cover my not-so-secret-but-very-indulgent trip to Starbucks each week).  He called me Cynthia.  I was very restrained in my response.

Annnnnyyyywaaaaay, the blog is refreshed, and a damn site easier to read.  The website is up, running, and looking fine.  And I have a Sunday of real, paid, crafty work ahead of me whilst he looks after the children 🙂

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