TFI Friday 3 June

Ahh, the end of half term week.  A little older, a lot greyer…

Positive vibes this week …

1.  I am very grateful that this morning’s pre-8am, pre-caffeine philosophical discussion with 5 year old Bean was short lived.  You’d think a philosophical discussion with a 5 year old would be fairly basic, but you haven’t met my 5 year old.  Anyway, the outcome of the discussion, was in the end, fairly simple in itself – Bean has decided ghosts do not exist and if you see a ghost then it’s really just someone wearing a mask.

2. I’m really excited to have signed my franchise agreement and be taking actual proper steps into my business plans.  Thunderbirds are go!  Or something.  Anyway, papers returned, fees paid, training done, practising under way, plans for an actual studio in place.  I can’t wait for all the equipment to arrive.  Yesterday saw the arrival of the raw materials and soon some pretty hardcore tools will be here.  Next month should see the studio happen (ie a shed – a nice shed – in the back garden, next to hubby’s flute workshop.)

3.  I’m looking forward to seeing my parents later today.  They are popping down to visit for a couple of days.  We haven’t seen them since Easter, and Bean hasn’t seen them since February half term, since he was in Paris over Easter.  Now, I just have to get the house fit for visitors, and all will be well.  I know Bean is excited about seeing them – he always is, but I suspect Plum will be more animated about their arrival than before.  I think she will recognise them, and she kisses the phone when they are on speaker. They’ll be blown away with the progress she’s made since Easter 🙂

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to pass on the positivity!

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One comment on “TFI Friday 3 June

  1. Plum? LOL.

    Love you.

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