Bunches of Flowers

It’s funny how things happen sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended our new local networking group, Mumsclub.  I wasn’t able to make the first meeting of the new group, but made sure I was available for the second meeting.  The organiser, Amanda, had invited along one of her friends to talk to us about combining business with being a mum.

Her friend, Dani, is the MD of a local company called Bunches, who specialise in sending flowers by post.  Now, I’d never heard of them before, but they are based in the village my husband lived in when we first met.  I really enjoyed Dani’s talk, and came home with a Bunches brochure.  A few days later, I looked in my diary and realised my mother-in-law’s birthday was on the horizon.  I emailed my husband at work, telling him how I had come across the company and suggesting he had a look.  He emailed back a little while later, saying he had chosen some flowers and seemed quite chuffed with his selection.

So what?  Well, my MiL received her flowers (and birthday cake and choolates) first thing on the morning of her birthday and was suitably pleased with them.  But then she sent me a message a couple of days ago to tell me that, over a week later, the flowers were still as fresh as they were the day they arrived, and had lasted much longer than any she’d had from Interflora.

Birthday Bouquet

Well, I’d say that is a success.  Lovely flowers, which have lasted well, delivered on time, and which (look away please Lyn!) didn’t break the bank.  I’m so impressed with how easy it all was, and the quality of the flowers, that I decided to tell you all about it too. So next time you send flowers to someone, check out Bunches, and see how they compare (they send free chocolates with every order too!).



Just a quick note to say that BUnches are now offering 10% discount on all order until midnight, Friday 1st July!  With FREE UK delivery and FREE chocolates, you can’t go wrong.  Just add the code JUNE2011 at checkout when you place your order.  Visit the website now.

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