Monsters, Inc

Today’s post is all about something I wasn’t involved in. Well, apart from buying the tickets, that is.

It’s not often Bean and his Daddy get to spend some good quality boy time together, just the two of them, but I think they more than made up for it today.  Today they went to Pride Park to see the Monster Trucks show.  Judging by the amount of bouncing around Bean has done since they came home, I think it’s fair to say he enjoyed himself.

They started off with visiting the pits before the show began, where they spoke to some of the drivers (and one asked Bean if he could have his sandwich – no chance!).  I think that was the first big thrill of the day – speaking to a real life American (everything’s a thrill when you’re five years old!).  They got to see some of the trucks close up and were amazed with just how big they actually are.

Bean shows just how big the wheels are

The Monster Truck towers over Bean












Posing with a real life American!















He came back full of stories of flying trucks and bikes, very sure of which ones he loved and which he thought were just a bit rubbish.  He is convinced that he could do better than Maximum Destruction, who only flew through the air a little bit.  And he was very taken with Medusa, a bright pink Monster Truck.

Bean's favourite

I think it’s fair to say however, that he wasn’t so fond of the outcome of one of Medusa’s tricks.  When he first came home, this was all he could talk about, and he said he was very upset about it.  Daddy had to remind him of the rest of the day and how much fun it was, and then all was OK again 🙂

Medusa messes up


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