Wordless Wednesday: Family’s First Outing

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15 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Family’s First Outing

  1. How cute! Love seeing the fuzzy babies. 🙂 I have bird too this week.

  2. oh I love them!

  3. We have baby ducks coming into our pool with their Mom right now – adorable!

  4. Beautiful swans:)

  5. Such graceful creatures powerfully yet proudly protective of their young.

  6. Oh, that is really wonderful. Love these shots.

  7. How adorable! I love it.

  8. AWEEEE <3 <3

    I sure hope their survival rate is better than that of wild ducks. 🙁 We have wild ducks in our backyard and we've seen over 50 duckling this season and none have survived. 🙁

  9. AWWWWW!!! So adorable!!! Swans are beautiful

  10. Oh, they are so darling!

  11. Jules @ Erudite Woman on said:


  12. omgoodnes! they are SO adorable. i want one! i’ll trade you uhm… 1 guinea pig baby and 4 siamese dwarf hamster babies for one! ♥