Learning a Lesson

Just a quick post today, because I am absolutely shattered!

I attended an event today which was not at all what I was expecting.  It wasn’t a large event, although I’d been given the impression it would be, and it really wasn’t busy.  It’s easy at events like this to feel defeated and spend the day with a fairly negative attitude.  Time to learn a lesson …

and today’s lesson was the value of networking.  There were an odd mix of stalls there if you were attending as a customer. For me though (and my colleague), it was a very useful mix, with lots of companies we should hopefully be able to work with in the future. So we networked. Lots.  We had some really positive conversations and I can’t wait to follow up on them this week.

Sometimes, the value of something isn’t where you expect to find it.  Let’s hope that’s the case today!

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