Casting Around

I’ve just got back from casting a pregnancy bump and decided I would blog about it today. When I say I just got back, I mean I’m still covered in plaster, but decided to take the opportunity to blog whilst my daughter is sleeping.

I haven’t had so much fun in a long time! I first met my model at my local breastfeeding group and then we trained together as Sure Start Breastfeeding Peer Supporters. I hope her cast comes out OK – we were laughing so much at one point, we may have dislodged the entire thing!

So, whilst she covered herself in Vaseline, I cut up strips of plaster, having laid out plastic sheeting to protect the floor. We went for a full torso cast, although my model decided to leave her bra on, which we covered in cling film. In my previous life as a philosophy teacher, I didn’t get to use nearly enough plaster bandage, I have realised! For me, it was quite therapeutic to create the basic shape and then to smooth over more plaster bandage to create the right thickness of cast. For my model it was “a bit strange”, but quite relaxing, and a great excuse to sit down for an hour – a luxury at this stage of her pregnancy, with a young son to look after too!

I had to work quickly, as the plaster sets surprisingly fast and then we had a chat whilst it set hard enough to remove. That happened faster than we anticipated, given that the whole cast came away and started to fall off after we laughed a little too much – but all was well, and it is now drying out nicely. Once I have finished working on it, I’ll post photos of it as the various stages.

If you’re interested in having a cast done, I’ll be at the Civic Centre in Mansfield on Sunday, taking bookings (you won’t have to strip off in public!) for castings. There’ll also be samples of the 3D casts, and the opportunity to book an appointment for that, as well as a 2D impression artist with appointments on the day. I’ll also have samples of the jewellery with me, and will be able to take castings for that on Sunday too.

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