Getting Crafty

I’ve been a busy bee today and it feels good.

Back in February, I decided I needed some proper space for my crafting – using my computer desk just wasn’t working. Thanks to Freecycle, I got an enormous desk ideal for my craft work which has gone into the office, alongside the computer desk. It’s so big that there’s enough space to store a lot of my crafting materials on the top and still have space to work. Unfortunately, the desk then became a storage area and was completely unusuable. This morning, whilst Plum obligingly slept, I cleared it all out, found homes for everything on my desk and set up my work space. And got to work.

A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed making ceramic jewellery and I have started on that again today. I have some dieas to expand the techniques that I use, and I hope I can combine this work with selling the beautiful silver jewellery I make as part of Precious Memories.

I’m aware that I have ideas coming thick and fast at the moment and every week I seem to head off a new tangent. That’s not entirely true – I’m just trying to galvanise the ideas I have to make a workable business. I’m trying to find things which I enjoy doing, which allow me to be creative and which can fit together, without me being too diverse. I think I’m getting there. I also think I need to act on my Mum’s offer of sitting down with her, mapping out all of these ideas and finding a business plan amongst it all, so that it will actually work and bring in an income for my family.

And perhaps, looking up studio space and shop space is getting just a little bit ahead of myself. Even if I have found somewhere local that’s a real bargain!

Now, must dash, I’ve got cupcakes in the oven!

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