Dreams Can Come True (but let’s hope they don’t)

Ahhh, dreams; the stuff that, err, dreams are made of.

When I was younger, in my late teens and early twenties, I had a lot of properly odd dreams. Every night I’d have a dream that not only made no sense whatsoever but was really just weird. Thankfully, I can’t remember any of the details now.

Fast forward nearly two decades (how did that happen?) and it’s happening again. It started in January, when I had swine flu. With my new daughter almost five weeks old, I dreamt that in the space of ten minutes she had learned to roll over, crawl, walk, run, speak eloquently (eloquently for a professor, not a 5 week old), and fly. Yes, fly. She was whizzing around the room in a somewhat manic fashion whilst my own mother looked on and declared it all to be lovely. Lovely.

The next night I dreamt I’d had more children. Two sets of twins to be exact. and a further singleton. The twins, on case you were wondering, were called Martha, Niamh, Seth and Dylan. I shared this good news with my husband when I woke up. His reply was “No!”, although I wasn’t sure if that was in reaction to so many extra children or my choice of names. Turns out it was both. (I stand by the names though. Inspired I think!)

Over the weekend I dreamt I went to see Jamie Oliver’s very popular stand-up comedy show. I kid you not.

Trevor Eve

Have you met my husband?

And last night, I dreamt I was married to Trevor Eve (not Boyd, despite the police-y-ness of the dream) and I was some kind of profiler called into to work at the same station as him for a week. Oh, and you could buy coffee, cards and Argos vouchers in the (huge) lobby. And I was wearing orange Crocs. And I was married to Trevor Eve (although apparently I didn’t live with him, judging by the grotty apartment I was sharing with an unknown flatmate). Whilst buying my Argos vouchers, I met up with my best friend from primary school days (who I actually last saw on Christmas Eve) who gave me her phone number in letters and which I wrote on a contact firm rather than putting it straight in my phone which I had in my hand. We arranged to go on a double date. Did I mention the Trevor Eve part?

I’m not sure whether to be scared or to look forward to falling asleep tonight.

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