Are You Up For the Challenge?

So, last month I posted about Coeliac Awareness Week and asked if you would take part. Well, it starts tomorrow, so this is a gentle reminder (nudge, push, shove) that it’s easy to take part and help raise awareness of Coeliac Disease, and help make life easier for those with the illness, especially when they are doing something normal like eating out.

You can check out my last post about CAW for a list of ways to get involved. Simple ways include cooking the family meals from gluten free ingredients for a day (or a week), persuading everyone in the office to have a gluten free lunch one day this week, going out for a meal with friends and getting everyone to order a gluten free dish.

If you’re not used to gluten free food and are wondering where to start, then hop over to my other blog, The Sated Coeliac, for easy, tasty, family-friendly recipes for great gluten free food.

And I’d love to know how you got on, so please, come back and tell me.

I’ll be putting my baking head on and baking 60 gluten free muffins for the reception year at my son’s school, and handing them out, along with info sheets about Coeliac Disease for the parents to read.

Have fun!

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