TFI Friday 13 May

Ooh, it’s been a struggle this week. Both children and hubby have had stomach bug, so my first point today is an easy one:

1. I’m very grateful that the stomach bug fairy appears to have left this house for the time being and that we’re back to our usual baby sick status as opposed to two children vomiting anywhere and everywhere. I’m particularly pleased that the chances of my dughter vomiting on my face from above are somewhat less (yes, she did that this week).

2. Things are moving on with my new business strand. I’m still looking for bump models, but I have models and shows lined up and ideas popping out of my head. I love this feeling. I read an excellent tweet this afternoon, and it really applies to me at the moment:

My brain was waiting at 4.20 this morning. “Oh good, you’re awake,” it said. “I have so much to share with you.”

So, I can’t wait until all these plans come to fruition.

3. Finally, I’m very relieved. Bean’s blood test results came back yesterday and the result was “normal”. He is over the moon; when I told him, he punched the air and shouted “Yes! I can keep on eating gluten!”

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess though. We have another appointment in August.

So, why are you saying TFI Friday today?

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