It’s My Party – A Rant

I received a press release this morning about birthday parties. It talked about the changing trends of birthday parties and suggested that at the very least, children expect something along the lines of being in the audience for a TV recording. Really? It cited Rebecca Black, made famous on You Tube, whose birthday party allowed her to professionally record her own song and have her friends star in the video.

Now and again I read something about birthday parties and how elaborate they are becoming. How today’s kids are not content with a party games and a birthday cake, but instead demand complex and expensive professional parties, each outdoing the last.

That’s a far cry from the parties I used to have as a child. My birthday is in the summer and we our garden backed onto a school playing field, both of which gave us lots of options for parties. My friends would be treated to musical bumps and pass the parcel, and when the weather was good, we’d have three-legged races and welly-throwing competitions in the field. As I got older, we’d have barbecues and one year, my Dad created a treasure hunt which started in the house, out into the garden, and then field, along the lane to the woods and back again. By the time my Mum and her friend had guided us round and helped us solve the clues, my Dad had cooked the party food on the barbecue, which was our reward. One year, I had a swimming party, but to be honest, it wasn’t as much fun as the parties we had at home.

I’m glad that my son, at five years old, is not requesting elaborate and expensive parties. He is still of the opinion that a birthday party is not complete without a game of Pass the Parcel, and possibly Musical Statues. His idea of a good party is being able to charge around with his friends, play some games, eat jelly and blow out the candles on his cake while they sing. A perfect child’s party in my opinion.

pass the parcel

Apparently, party games like this are not good enough anymore

I don’t know how long that will last, but I’ll make the most of it while it does. I’m glad his friends, and more importantly, their parents, don’t feel the need to try and out-do each other – they all want the same thing – freedom to play, some party food and some games. The press release seems to think this is not feasible these days – apprently, mothers no longer have the time to organise a party at home for 30 children. Who is inviting 30 children to a home party? Am I just living in a different world?

The press release stated

Organizing an awesome activity is a way of showing how much you care about your child’s birthday: the cooler the activity, the more it shows you really care.

What utter nonsense! I’d love to know who is paying over £250 for an hour’s party for a 5 year old, as the press release advocated. But let’s get this straight, money does not equal love. Not now, not ever.

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