TFI Friday 6 May 2011

Really need a positive vibe is week, so here goes!

1. I’m glad I was able to vote yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the results, although I suspect I won’t see the results I was hoping for.  I think it’s a shame so many people don’t exercise their right to vote, in local or national elections.  In these times, when so much change is possible, it really makes a difference when you vote – whether you vote for or against that change and I don’t understand why people would choose to do neither (especially if they then go on to moan about the results, or the decisions made by the winners).

2. I’m looking forward to the course I have booked at the end of the month.  I don’t know yet whether the course will be something I am doing just for myself, to increase my skills, or whether I will go on to use these skills in business (in relation to The Sated Coeliac).  Time will tell!

3.  Today is the last session of my breastfeeding peer supporter training with my local Sure Start (in fact, I’m off there as soon as I finish this post!).  I’m glad I’ve been able to do it and am looking forward to putting it to good use. We’ll be setting up a system where new mums are contacted by a peer supporter within a few days of coming home from hospital/giving birth at home to let them know about all the support available to them.  I’m also looking forward to our graduation ceremony during Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

Whhat about you?

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