Have Boobs, Will Travel

I sat in the hairdressers the other day, half the hair at the back of my head cropped short, the other half untouched, feeding my daughter and idly thought of some of the places I’d ended up feeding her.  I feed her all over the place, as many breastfeeding mothers do and it becomes second nature very quickly.  Sometimes though, you end up breastfeeding in some odd places and so I decided to bring you my top ten list of unusual, peculiar or downright unlikely places/situations to breastfeed a child, based on places I have fed my two.

  1. In the hairdressers, mid-cut
  2. In the hairdressers, mid-colouring session
  3. In the traditional lounge at Betty’s Tea Rooms, Harrogate
  4. In the front pew of a church, during the Nativity Play
  5. In the opticians, during an eye test
  6. In the waiting room at Kwik Fit, while my tyre was being changed
  7. In a cubicle in A&E, whilst having a blood gasses test
  8. At a birthday party, dressed as Bridget Jones (complete with vodka bottle), feeding a baby dressed as Superman
  9. During a parent’s evening appointment
  10. During a Women Who Do workshop guest speaker session.

I’d love to hear about the most peculiar, unusual or odd place you’ve breastfed your child!

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4 comments on “Have Boobs, Will Travel

  1. *In ICU, whilst unconscious (I have a wonderful husband).

    *Sitting in the middle of a few thousand people at an open air Carol By Candlelights concert (think Kiwi summer Christmas), which was okay until Santa arrived and we were suddenly swarmed by hundreds of children (and some accompanying adults) making their way past us to visit the man in red.

    • Mahala on said:


      I’ve fed both of mine whilst in hospital, but never whilst unconscious. That’s hardcore!

  2. **In the Rocking Chair display at Habitat home store.
    But serious kudos to the eye test and unconcious efforts. I hope to someday reach this zen-master level….. 🙂

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