Ready, Steady, Spell!

My five year old son loves card games.  I don’t mean he loves to play Poker and Blackjack (well, not yet, anyway), but he loves games like Uno.  He started playing Uno last summer, and very quickly became very good at it.  When I saw an advert for a letter game by the same people, I bought it.  Having started school last September, it was apparent that he loved the phonics work they were doing at school, so I thought Scrabble Dash might be worth a go.

Scrabble Dash is actually aimed at people aged 10 plus, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  The game consists of three types of cards – letter cards featuring either a vowel or a consanant, and Dash cards, featuring instructions.  Each player is dealt three vowels and four consanants at the beginning of the game. The first player turns over a dash card, which tells you what kind of word to make – words starting with, ending with or containing a particular letter or words containing a specific number of letters.  All players then dash to be the first to complete the instruction.  The winner keeps the dash card.  The first player to collect five dash cards wins the game.

Well.  We played the game and my five year old son beat me.  Now, I thought he would like the game, manage to win one or two, but I didn’t imagine for a minute he would be so good at it.  And win!  He’s taken the game away with him this week to Paris, where he’s gone for a few days with his older brother and grandparents.  He planned to play it in the evenings with them.  And he’s already planned that it will be packed when we go camping.  Anyone who has ever been camping in the UK knows that it’s bound to rain at some point.  Last year, Uno got us through two solid days of torrential rain.  This year, we shall be armed with Scrabble Dash too, and no doubt will have great fun as a family.

It’s a great game.  It’s great because it is helping my son with his phonics work in a way he finds to be great fun.  It’s great because it sets up a little friendly competition in the family. It’s great because the boys find it entertaining and there isn’t an electronic part in sight.  Any game that can drag both a five year old and a thirteen year old away from various screens and electronics and entertain them, even for half an hour, is great in my book!

I can see I shall have to practice – I was never very good at Scrabble.


I was not asked to write this post, and have not been paid for it.

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