Wool, Wool, Everywhere

Everywhere I look there is wool in my house. I currently have five different projects on the go. Three of them are all but finished.

Last month’s shrug is still waiting to be stitched together, after I tried to do it too late at night and stitched the front pieces to each other instead of to the back and stitched one sleeve in backwards. I’m still sulking over that and haven’t picked it up again since. I hope I’ll finish it this week and actually make it wearable.

There are two bags made to the same pattern, but with completely different yarns, which are finished, but need the handles sewing on. I have some fabulous buttons on the way which are going to decorate them and when they arrive I’ll be able to finish and the first two bags will be ready for sale – very exciting!

A third bag is underway; this time a stripy messenger bag. I really like the pattern and love the way it’s coming along but I’ve been temporarily distracted by a pair of ballet slippers for my daughter. They’re about 50% done.

I’ve also been experimenting with sunhats in bamboo fibre. Again, I love the look, but I haven’t managed to get the sizing right yet. The pattern I was using says suitable for 9 months, but it’s far smaller than that really, so I’ll be spending some time trying to scale it up, especially since there are people asking if they can buy them for their daughters – someone wants to buy my crochet!

So, I hope I’ll be spending a reasonable amount of time this week, whilst my son is in Paris, getting on with crochet so that I have some hats and bags (and maybe shoes?) to sell soon.

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