TFI Friday 22 April

I feel like singing today; the sun is out, the kids are happy, it’s Friday …. ooh, and this is my 100th post!

My three positive vibes today are:

I’m grateful that it’s now officially the Easter holidays for the whole family (i.e. hubby is off work too) and am looking forward to spending some time with hubby, as he has 11 days off work now. Hopefully we’ll both get some time to do our crafts and to go to some nice places with the kids.

I’m grateful that my son got through his blood test yesterday unscathed. Blood tests have been an ordeal for me ever since I was 19 and developed M.E. My veins often collapse when a needle is inserted to collect blood, which has meant that blood tests were traumatic, painful experiences for many years and they were, unfortunately, a fairly regular occurrence. Thankfully, these days, they are less regular, and far less painful.

Bean’s blood test didn’t bother him at all, and they didn’t hae trouble getting the blood. The most troubling this for him was the magic cream they used so that he didn’t feel the needle. it had to be on for 45 minutes before they did the test and he really didn’t like the feeling of bits of his arms and the back of his hands going numb.

Still, it’s done and he was a brave boy. I’m pleased it didn’t scare him.

I’m already looking forward to Bean coming home again next week. He hasn’t gone anywhere, yet. Tomorrow, his grandparents are whisking him away to Disneyland Paris and they’ll be bringing him back to us next Friday. I know he’ll have a fantastic time, but I’ll miss him like crazy.

Now, I’m off to play with the kids in the new sandpit in the garden.

What are your positive vibes this Friday?

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  1. Congrads on your 100th Post.. Happy Easter to you.

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