Pass Me a Bucket Please …

Well, this isn’t the blog post I had planned to write today; that will have to wait for another day now.  Today has not gone according to plan at all.

I don’t normally take my son to school in the mornings; my husband takes him on his way to work, whilst I’m kept busy feeding our daughter.  This morning though, I volunteered to do the school run, having heard that there is a baby group that runs at school.  The plan was to take Bean to school, pop into reception and buy dinner tickets, wander up to the baby group and then meet Bean at lunchtime for the Easter menu lunch time (his school regularly puts on special meals to which we are invited and I like to go along and eat lunch with Bean).

The plans went awry almost immediately.  We got to school on time (just), and whilst I was queuing for lunch tickets, I discovered that the baby group was not today after all – they finished early for Easter.  Oh.  So, Sugar Plum and I did the 5 mile drive back home, only to do it again a couple of hours later to meet Bean for lunch.

Lunch was nice, although it was limited for me – Bean’s class had devised the menu and it consisted of “Rabbit Holes” (toad in the hole), sausages, pasta bake, cous cous, macaroni cheese, “Rabbit Tod Pudding” (bread and butter pudding.  I’m afraid the Easter name was lost on me.  Apparently, Rabbit Tod is rabbit poo!), Easter nests and Easter cupcakes. I had some veg and a yoghurt, but I liked being able to spend time with Bean in his environment.

Bucket and mop

Let the Clean Up begin!

Unfortunately, things went awry again at this point, as he became ill and had to come home with me.  He had a very poorly tummy and has spent much of the afternoon on the loo.  Not to miss out on the fun, his sister has spent an equal amount of time being sick.

Pass me the bucket.  Or the gin.*


*except, I don’t drink, so someone make me a cuppa!

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