Sun’s Out, Must be Time to …

visit A&E.

Ahh, it’s been a while since I’ve had to visit A&E due to my clumsiness, but yesterday I renewed my acquaintence. They’ve had a refurb since I was last there, and I felt a little out of place, but I think that might be a good thing overall.

Beware the Flip Flop!

The place was filling up when we got there early on Sunday evening and it seemed like there was a running theme. The sun had come out, the flips flops had made an earlier-than-usual return to the feet and as a result, ladies were visiting A&E with a variety of footwear related injuries.

Or at least, I suspect that was what was happening. I didn’t actually ask any of them if that is what had happened, but by far the most common sight was ladies in flip flops with foot injuries. Unfortunately, I was included in this, except that I had removed my flipflops.

Earler in the day, I was preparing to spend the afternoon in the garden with the kids. They were suitable covered in suncream, the paddling pool was full and had been warming nicely in the sun. The rug was out on the grass and I was just taking Sugar Plum outside to sit with her on the rug. Once outside the back door, I somehow ended up on the floor. I’m still not sure if I tripped, slipped, twisted or what, but I was suddenly on the floor along with everything I’d been carrying. Everything except SP – somehow I’d managed to keep tight hold of her! Hubby came to the rescue and helped me hobble to the lawn.

By the early evening it was clear I was still in a lot of pain and not actually able to put any weight on my foot. Since I have a history of breaking bones in falls, off we went to A&E – all four of us, since SP was firmly into feedathon time and there was no expressed milk in the freezer, I couldn’t manager her on my own since I couldn’t walk and there was no-one to look after Bean. Oh what fun!

Anyway, we were in and out in under 3 hours, including a trip to x-ray. It turned out I had not broken anything this time (hurray!) and just needed 24 hours rest, followed by beginning to (gingerly) use my foot again. So here I am, feeling sorry for myself and hoping for some sympathy. And some sensible shoes.

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