Testing, testing … testing times

The day I had hoped we would be able to avoid arrived yesterday.  It was the day I took my son to see the doctor and was told that he ought to have an initial blood test to test for Coeliac Disease.

Ever since I was diagnosed in 2003, I’ve known that there’s a chance my children might inherit it, but I know so many cases where it’s not hereditary that I hoped we might escape.  We might still of course; it might all come to nothing.  I certainly hope so.

I’ve tried to explain to him what they’re doing the test (“It’s because I’m in tired mode all the time, isn’t it Mummy?”) and what it will involve.   He is in tired mode all the time at the moment and it came on quite suddenly, despite him having a reasonable bed time and lots of sleep.  But there are other symptoms too, which I won’t go into.  I’ve tried to convince him blood tests don’t hurt (coming from someone who suffered immense pain from blood tests for many years, I hope I was convincing!).  I’ve also spoken about all the nice things we eat at home that are gluten free, including his favourite meals.  I haven’t mentioned that his preferred breakfast is loaded with gluten and there isn’t, to my knowledge, a gluten free alternative (he loves Wheaties, a generic brand of Shreddies).

And now we just have to wait.  For the letter from the paediatric department at the hospital, where he has to go to have the blood test.  For the results.  For the decision about what to do when we get the results (my own blood test was negative, but it was decided that it was a false result).  For some direction if it turns out not to be Coeliacs.

Do me a favour and keep your fingers crossed for us?

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2 comments on “Testing, testing … testing times

  1. Aww poor you. I hope it will be negative. One of the keys to making blood tests not painful is to be relaxed when you have them – easier said than done I know. Whenever we go to the docs for a jab I always bribe them a bit with the promise of something they want after we’ve been to the doctors – an ice cream or something. Hope it goes well. Fiona

  2. Raven Wolf on said:

    Hoping for the best result for your young man. Better to know now though eh?

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