I’m really excited about a new aspect I’m adding to my business. As part of my work with Precious Memories, I will be offering belly casting to pregnant women from next month. Before I take my offerings to the shows I have booked from next month onwards, I[…]

Lots to do today, so this is going to be a quick post!  Three postive things, quite a tall order this week, what wil the feedathon we’ve been on and the cold that has hit me.  But TFI is about positive vibes, so here we go: 1. I’m[…]

My five year old son loves card games.  I don’t mean he loves to play Poker and Blackjack (well, not yet, anyway), but he loves games like Uno.  He started playing Uno last summer, and very quickly became very good at it.  When I saw an advert for[…]

So, here we are again.  My daughter is four and a half months old, happy, healthy, beautiful.  We’ve come a long way since the beginning of December – huge weight loss, projectile vomiting, colic, bacterial infection …. And then it all stopped.  She established a sleeping and eating[…]

This post is inspired  by one I read over at The Creative Shed yesterday, about marrying the same man twice. It has spurred me into action to write about my experience of (almost) marrying the same man twice, which I promised to do about a year ago and[…]