Precious Memories

Hands up all those who took footprints or hand prints of their babies when they were tiny.  I bet most of us have.  Mine are tucked away in a now bulging-at-the-seams keepsake box (which is actually a pretty large storage box!), in amongst the pictures, cards and other memorabilia we collect when we have young kids.  I don’t get to see them often though, and I would be gutted if something happened – even if the paper got torn or crumpled.

I’ve found a solution to this though – silver keepsake jewellery.  I have had my son’s fingerprint and my daughter’s footprint embedded into silver pendants which sit together really nicely on a chain.  You may have seen these before.  I think they’re fab, so fab in fact, that I have joined Precious Memories, the company that makes them so I can share them with other parents.

I’m really excited about this!  I’m having my first event at Happy Days Play Den in Kirkby in Ashfield tomorrow (Wednesday 23 March) and will be there from 10am -4pm.  Come along and have a chat, see some samples and place your order!  There’s no ink or mess involved, and I will spend time with you, planning out your bespoke piece so that you get something that is just right.

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