The Winner Takes It All …

well, not all perhaps, but a prize, at least.

Last week I posted about a cake I made, a rich, gluten free chocolate fudge cake.  Apart from being a lovely indulgent treat for this coeliac, it was an entry into a Shibaguyz Designz competition to promote International Crochet Month.  The challenge was to spread the word about ICM in as creative a way as possible.  There were several hints that cake would be looked upon favourably.

I only went and bloomin’ won it!  My reward (reward? you mean eating the cake wasn’t my reward?) is a pattern from their design range, along with the yarn needed to make it, as well as the pattern for a Delphi hat.  I’m over the moon – a very nice surprise to cheer me up just when I needed it.  I shall keep you posted as to what the prize pattern is and how it all turns out!

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