War on walls

We have talked about decorating. For seven years we’ve talked about it. We decorated the two smaller bedrooms. We redecorated the kitchen and I painted the bathroom (badly). We even got around to painting our bedroom (after 5 or 6 years) which we said we’d do as soon as we moved in – every wall was a tasteful shade of “tart red” and it gave me a headache. We now have cream walls and less eye strain.

Despite all of this we still haven’t got round to “doing” the front room. It’s not a bad colour, a rich cream, but it has anaglypta wallpaper which our cats scratched in several places. There’s a bare patch in the bay where we had to repair a leaking bay roof. And it’s tired.

But the effort of sorting it out has won so far. No longer though. Hubby has seen to that. Tired, I assume, of staring at the same wallpaper, he took action the other night and “helpfully” spilled a full glass of red wine down the cream wall. Said wall is now sporting a huge purple stain.

So, I guess we’ll be decorating then. Grape coloured walls anyone?

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