What is abuse?

Yesterday we received the weekly newsletter from our son’s school which contained what I consider to be an interesting discussion point.  I don’t want to get into a discussion about whether the school is right or wrong in this case, but would like to take the point they were making and get your views about the wider situation.

Does allowing a child under 11 to play 18-rated video games constitute child abuse?

Would you/do you allow your child to play games rated above their actual age?  Do you let them watch films which are rated 12/15/18 when they are younger than the limit? Is it OK to let a 10 year old watch a 12-rated film, or a 15 year old watch an 18-rated film?

The newsletter stated that “child safeguarding officers” believed that allowing primary school children to play 18-rated games should be considered child abuse.

I have my own opinion on this subject but would love to know what the wider world thinks.  Again, this is not about the school, but rather the issue brought up by them.

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2 comments on “What is abuse?

  1. Tickateeboo on said:

    I would say that it is not a good idea (teaches them to have a potty mouth from an early age, get nightmares), but calling it child abuse is a typical kneejerk ‘wrap them in cotton wool’ reaction of today’s society. Possibly?

  2. Sheena on said:

    It’s a difficult area. I went through school with a reading age well above my actual age… was it abusive that I was encouraged to read books aimed at an older audience rather than let my reading ability stagnate? Kid’s don’t all mature at the same rate and as such age ratings are a guideline to what is appropriate rather than necessarily an absolute ruling.

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