There’s been a buzz about this book recently.  The Beeman, written by bestselling author Laurie Krebs, has just received a fabulous review in Baby and Kids Magazine. In this story, a grandfather teaches his grandson all about bees and how to look after them.  The book is packed[…]

With Valentine’s Day firmly behind us your thoughts might not be on spending hours making a romantic meal for two.  Just as well if you’re considering making the following food (especially if your date is a vampire…).  There’s enough garlic in this to finish off the Cullens and[…]

I came across an idea I like today.  an idea I like a lot, in fact. Mesina Sanders of And then there was me has a new feature on her blog called Ask Me.  Basically, you ask her whatever question you like, no matter how bizarre, odd, sane[…]

So, next month we find out if we passed. By which I mean, we get told which school has given Bean a place for September. At no point in the run up to making these decisions, the planning, the pregnancy, the first two years of his life, did[…]

New to Barefoot Books this  month is Octopus Opposites, a lovely, lively books with bright, vibrant artwork. Empty, full; push, pull; young, old; hot, cold! The creatures in this brilliant book range from friendly elephants to exotic kookaburras, each with a pair of opposites to share.

I thought I would give this a go this week, and if it works, then I’ll see about repeating it in the future. It might even become a regular thing, who knows? So simple really. Think of a caption for the photo below (keep them clean please!), and[…]