The Book of the Week this week is, in fact, not a book at all, but the brand new Kids’ Garden Card Deck.  I’ve been waiting for this one to hit the warehouse since I first saw it on the Spring new releases list, and my copy arrived[…]

just turn off the TV and go and do something more interesting instead …. Remember that programme?  I was always confused at to whether or not you were supposed to turn off the TV straight away or wait until the end of the programme. Anyway, this post is[…]

Just in time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, my Book of the Week this week is Tales from Celtic Lands.  A beautifully illustrated book which will take you a venture to the magical lands of the Celtic peoples. Travel to lands where the spirits of the mountains, trees,[…]

Apparently I haven’t been a good enough wife in some way or another and my husband has decided he should trade me in.  I say trade me in; what I really mean is get rid of me once and for all.  And this is how he plans to[…]