Babygrowers Launch

It’s funny how you can come across things that interest you on the internet. This week, I’ve been searching for car insurance quotes online, and happened to mention on Facebook that I was undertaking this arduous task (arduous, because I insist on doing the full moneysavingexpert routine, which takes time). A friend commented that I could get discounted car insurance, and money back through a scheme she was involved in. This might have passed me by, but the car insurance company involved happened to be amongst my top 5 quotes (which all came within a £20 margin), so I sat up and took notice.

Today sees the launch of the Babygrowers Discount Card – a card aimed at expectant families and those with young children, to try and offset some of the expense of having a newborn in the family. Well, with number 2 due before the end of the year, this was certainly something I was interested in. The card itself costs a measly £14.99 and is valid for a year. It entitles you to special deals and discounts with a host of companies who have signed up and with just a brief look at those involved, I had determined that I would more than make my money back if I only used the card a couple of times.

Initially it was the car insurance deal which got me interested, although of course, I will need to check if the quote is competitive through the scheme, although I suspect it will be. If it is, then my savings will be more than triple the cost of the card. Without it, I’m still quids in. Sainsbury’s are offering £15 off a shop of £75 or more and thereafter, £10 off shops totalling £100 or more. Now, I don’t normally shop there, but was converted just a couple of days before this Facebook conversation, when I tried their GF cereal and GF ciabatta for the first time and remembered what it was like to eat bread with flavour – so I’ll definitely be using that offer.

Then I looked at some of the other offers – companies such as Mothercare, Boots, Mamas and Papas, Halfords are all in there – so that’s the hardware sorted (this being baby #2 we have many things, such as cotton nappies and clothes, but as #1 is nearly 5, we no longer have a pushchair or newborn car seat). Other big companies include the Carphone Warehouse, ELC, Babies R Us and Tesco.

And then there are the smaller companies, the ones you may not have heard of, but many of which sell ethical, green clothing, toys and gifts. There’s reusable nappies, natural skincare, green cleaning and more. And today, I found out that Lactivist, home of the breastfeeding slogan tshirts, has joined the scheme.

The card is valid for one year from purchase, and £1 from the sale of each card is donated to charity (you get to choose where it goes when you buy). It seems like a very good deal to me!

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