Win a shiny new iPad!

Barefoot Books are giving away a 16GB iPad to one lucky person, and two runners-up will each receive a Natural Child Gift Collection worth £60.

Win an iPad

Win a shiny new iPad!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to sign up with Barefoot as an Ambassador.  Now – don’t run off screaming…  signing up is completely free, and there’s no catch.  To enter you only need to sign up, you don’t need to buy anything.

Becoming a Barefoot Books Ambassador is a good deal anyway, I think.  There’s no charge to join us (unlike many other similar organisations) and there are no minimum orders or quotas to meet.  You receive generous commissions, even from your first order, as well as loyalty points to spend on future orders.  You get a free customisable web portal to help you promote your business, as well as free training materials, a team leader (whose job is to help you get started and understand the systems – not to nag you into selling to up their earnings!) and a large supportive Ambassador community who love to help each other out with ideas and experience.

Natural Child Gift Collection

Natural Child Gift Collection

People become an Ambassador for all sorts of reasons – some make it a full time career, others want a part time income which will fit around family or other commitments and some just want to buy our beautiful, award-winning books for their children and other children in their lives at a discount.  All of these are valid reasons for joining us, and you’ll be welcomed whatever your reasons for joining.

My advice would be to make sure you sign up with a team leader though, no matter what your reasons for joining, if nothing else it makes life easier, and you already have a contact within the organisation who can help you out.  By using the links in the post, you’ll be asked if you’d like me as your team leader.  I’d love it if you said yes – I have a growing team of lovely people, and really enjoy helping them with their businesses. Besides, I might win a shiny new iPad too!

Now is a really good time to join, as sales start to escalate with the build up to Christmas  and you can be prefectly placed to take advantage of that!

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up before the end of September, and you could win a shiny new iPad!

And, as an added little bonus, I’m offering a money-can’t-buy small prize to people who publicise this post.  Re-post on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, wherever, and leave a comment here to say where you’ve posted.  Each post will count as one entry (ie post on Facebook and Twitter for two entries) and I will pick a random winner at the end of September – so you’ve plenty of time to let people know.  The prize will be a framed postcard sized picture from our Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales.  The illustrations in this book are beautiful and these cards are not available in the UK, so it’s a lovely, unique gift for one lucky person.

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10 comments on “Win a shiny new iPad!

  1. Retweeted – I don’t expect to be entered 😀

  2. Ohh, what a prize! I’ve posted on facebook and on

  3. I’ve posted on FB – I’d love to play but I live in France and am not sure I’d be able to drum up enough custom to make it worthwhile being an ambassador.

    • THanks for posting on FB. Did you know Barefoot do a range of Bilingual books (French/English and Spanish/English) for little ones? Just a thought 🙂

      Thanks for spreading the word anyway x

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  5. Hi, I’ve just joined (become an ambassador) and have also posted on my blog – + tweeted (gla55_i5_half) and on FB … phew, tired now! 🙂

    Oh yeah, I’ve also added a link via seeded buzz which is where I found you in the first place too!

    • Hi Hutch

      great to have you on board, and nice to know you found me on Seeded Buzz. I really like your blog – just been over to have a read and will add a link shortly. Take care!

  6. hi … quick question …

    Just came back to your site after reading your response and noticed that you’ve got a paraphrased section of my site listed in the comments also … was that something you did manually or automatically and if automatic … how did you do it??

    I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of having my own hosted blog and that seems like a really cool trick!

    • It’s automatic, sort of. I have set the blog to accept pingbacks and trackbacks (like when someone else’s blog links to it). It came through as a comment, and as it gave an excerpt of your post, I published it, to help traffic back to you. I don’t understand it all either, but it’s an option in WordPress, and it seems quite helpful 🙂

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