Plotting against Expansion

As almost everyone (I imagine) knows, there are plans to expand Heathrow and build a third runway and a sixth terminal.  Some think this is a great idea, allowing for more flights into and out of the UK.  Many, many others think this is a disastrous idea.  Expanding Heathrow in this way means there’s no hope of the UK meeting its emissions targets.  At a time when all parties are telling us we need to reduce our impact on the environment, expanding air travel in this way makes no sense.

Greenpeace have decided to take action to try and stop this going ahead.  It will be years before a planning application is made for the new runway, but action against it has already started.  Greenpeace has bought a small plot of land – a field in the middle of the village of Sipson, which is under threat from the new runway – and are seeking beneficial owners for this land.  The deeds for the land can only have four legal owners – these will be Greenpeace, Alistair McGowan, Emma Thompson and Zac Goldsmith.  However, there will also be thousands of “beneficial owners” named on the deeds – people who are legally represented by the owners, and who have rights and responsibilities for the land.  Currently there are more than 80 000 beneficial owners, but Greenpeace would like to increase that number to 100 000 by the end of April, when the deed officially closes.

Becoming a beneficial owner costs you nothing, but does give you a right over and an interest in the plot of land.  With over 80 000 beneficial owners, a compulsory purchase order would be much more of  a pain to implement.  You can read more about what Greenpeace are planning on the Airplot website.

The village of Sipson, made up of 700 homes, would be demolished to make way for the runway and a staggering 114 schools will be heavily affected by its construction.  Only the Labour party support these plans, and a growing number of their MPs are not happy with the plans.

Sign up today to become a beneficial owner of the Airplot land and help support the fight against a third runway.

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