Book of the Week: The Beeman

There’s been a buzz about this book recently.  The Beeman, written by bestselling author Laurie Krebs, has just received a fabulous review in Baby and Kids Magazine.

In this story, a grandfather teaches his grandson all about bees and how to look after them.  The book is packed with facts about bees and the essential role they play in our eco-system.  Written in rhyme, all these facts are delivered within the story without being dry and the book ends with a great recipe for honey muffins, allowing parents a tangible way to help their youngsters understand the meaning of the story.

The Beeman

John Bigay, chief marketing officer for Barefoot Books, says that the book plays a crucial role in teaching younger generations how they can help protect bees and why this is important.   “No bees, no planet,”

You can buy The Beeman from Barefoot Books at £5.99.

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