This ain’t a love song…

With Valentine’s Day firmly behind us your thoughts might not be on spending hours making a romantic meal for two.  Just as well if you’re considering making the following food (especially if your date is a vampire…).  There’s enough garlic in this to finish off the Cullens and all their friends!

I love cooking in my tagine, which I only bought a few weeks ago.  Why haven’t I had one before now?  They’re fantastic and the food is sooo tasty.  Last night I tried this one.

Warning:  you will not be popular if you go out on the pull after this one!

First I made harissa, which I haven’t made before, but out came the hand blender and the chillies (and garlic) and it was made in a matter of minutes.  Then the shallots.  lots of shallots – twelve of them. Whole.  And eight, yes that was eight cloves of garlic.  Whole.

Shallots and Garlic

After sauteing these, you add sultanas and almonds, honey and harissa.  Stir it all up and add a butternut squash, seeded, peeled and sliced.  Add such a little amount of water – just enough to cover the base of the tagine, and the pop on the lid and leave it to cook gently for about 25 minutes.

Serve with couscous if you like (we can’t because of the gluten.  Sometimes we use quinoa instead, and sometimes nutty brown rice; this time it was brown rice).  Add stuff in too.  I added lamb to the mix – cut into bitesize pieces and browned in the tagine before anything else went in (no oil added), then removed again until the sultanas and almonds went in.  For those that are interested, one portion of tagine and rice was 8.5 weight watchers points.  Leave a comment if you’d like the actual recipe.

Butternut and Shallot Tagine

So there you go.  Enjoy.  But leave Edward Cullen alone for while.

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