So many questions ….

I came across an idea I like today.  an idea I like a lot, in fact.

Mesina Sanders of And then there was me has a new feature on her blog called Ask Me.  Basically, you ask her whatever question you like, no matter how bizarre, odd, sane or serious it may be.  Each week she will choose a selection and feature them on her blog, along with the answers.

Whether you get your questions answered or not, everyone who submits a question gets put into a prize draw – a different prize each month, so it’s fun all round.

Time to get thinking caps on.  I think will keep a notebook with me at all times, so I can write down the difficult, probing and downright bizarre questions that Bean asks me every day. Perhaps this way, I’ll have a hope of providing him with some answers!

Prize for March is having your blog made into a book, courtesy of a voucher for Blurb.

Head over to And then there was me and reach into the deep recesses and dark corners of your mind and ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to…

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One comment on “So many questions ….

  1. Well I’m just blushing all over!! Thanks so much for this post and I’m so glad you love the idea! So far the response has been so positive, it’s fab. I’ve added you to my blogroll, Thank you!! xx

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