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I’m trying hard not to write too many posts about Barefoot Books.  I love them and want to talk about them all the time, but am aware that not everyone wants to read about them all the time!

However, today is different.  Today is the first day of a very special offer at Barefoot, and I wanted to tell as many people about it as possible.  I hear lots of people saying that they need to earn some extra cash, but have no time for an extra job because of other commitments.  Barefoot is a great solution to this, especially if you have young children in your life.

Our award-winning books are truly beautiful; if you’ve never seen a Barefoot Book up close and personal, then make sure you come back here tomorrow and take part in my little competition – you can get your hands on one if you’re the winner.  They really are fantastic children’s books; they are built on the solid foundation of two mothers looking for books that expanded the horizons of their little ones, encouraged reading and imaginative play, as well as using beautiful artwork to illustrate the stories.  Children can travel the world with Barefoot, and sing their hearts out as they do.

Walk Barefoot

So today begins a special offer for people joining Barefoot.  Unlike many other similar opportunities, there are no targets or minimum sales to meet, and it is actually possible to earn some decent money from selling them, because the commission structure is very generous.  You can join Barefoot for free, and start selling without spending anything at all.

You are given a free web portal, as well as online and offline marketing materials, optional online web chats and training sessions, all for free.  You can get help and advice from your supportive team structure, but you won’t get pressure, nagging and the like.  The basis of the Barefoot journey is that everyone does it their way.  No set hours, no minimum sales, good commission, even from the start, and no spend needed.

That’s not the special offer though, although it’s a pretty good start.  From today, until the end of March, new ambassadors can get a great start on their Barefoot journey with a very special selection of some of the most popular Barefoot Books – the best way to sell these books is for people to be able to see them for themselves.  The kit is available year-round, but is being offered a very special price to those who join before the end of March – only £59.99.  The contents, pictured below, retail at £121.90, so this really is a bargain.  What’s more, when you order it, you earn your commission on it too!

Best of Barefoot Kit

“Best of Barefoot” Kit at only £59.99

So, if you’d like to earn some extra cash in your spare time, or change career and be a fulltime bookseller and storyteller, or promote the books online using your blog and other social media, or even just have a source of discounted books for your own children, then please, get in touch or visit this page and sign up.  I can promise you the level of support you want – whether that be to helped step-by-step through beginning your journey, or being left to get on with it, or something between the two.  Your journey, your way.

Barefoot Children

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