No Sh*t Sherlock

I haven’t been feeling great recently, well, for the last few months.  Too much stress combined with illness and probably not enough sleep haven’t really helped matters.  The illness has been the worst I think; I have several “things” which I will always have that often have no impact, and sometimes flare up.  The stress I’ve been under recently has caused them to flare up.  But I’m also overweight and over-exercised too.  This is no-one’s fault but my own.

It may seem obvious to everyone reading this, and I think it has always been obvious to me, but it’s only just really come home to roost that this will not change unless I do.  And so I’ve finally made the decision to do something about it.

I’ve tried watching my eight on my own, but I have finally admitted that I need to go to a meeting and be shamed into doing something about it!  So I went back to weight watchers last week.  Here begins a long journey.

Table Tilt Plus - so frustrating!

so frustrating!

I’ve also made a concerted effort to get to grips with the wii-fit.  We bought the Wii in November and the wii-fit was given as a gift (at our request, I add!) and I’ve used it since Christmas, but mainly to do the balance games and mess around.  At the same time as the WW regime began, I also began to use the wii-fit in earnest.  It’s small steps, but I’m warming up with relatively sedate balance games, doing 20 mins of areobic exercise and then some more fun/frustrating balance games to finish off.  I’ll increase the aerobic exercise as I get more into it.

Incidentally, I wonder if the wii-fit was following me around last year?  When I first did my profile, it said that I wasn’t very well balanced and it asked if I found myself tripping over a lot when I walk?  Hmn, I managed to break two bones in 6 months doing exactly that. Oh yeah, I’m well balanced!

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  1. flutterbycreations on said:

    Most important thing is to allow some down time ‘me time’!

  2. The whole weight thing can be very frustrating. Eating fresh raw foods can help immensely if you stick with it for a few weeks. you can eat all you want as long as it’s uncooked. I think it all has to do with blood sugar levels and hormones plus so many foods available now are processed and made with GMO foods and corn syrup. Animals bred for food are fed hormones too. Being overweight is an epidemic, so I don’t think we are totally to blame a lot of it is what choices we have available to us because of corporations providing food. Watch Food INC and you’ll see why it’s so difficult to lose weight.

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