Arrrghh! The Aliens are Coming!

End of half term today.  This is good news.  Very good news.  It also meant that most people had scarpered already when I left at 4pm and went to pick up Bean from the nursery on campus.

He was sitting at the table waiting to eat his tea, but it wasn’t ready yet.  The cook had made pizza but someone had forgotten to put them in the oven.  I was ready for home so to persaude Bean I offered to make spag bol when we got home.  He wasn’t impressed.  I suggested we made pizza and this got an excited smile, but it wasn’t enough to sway him.  I suggested he made his own pizza and made it look like a face.  He was off his seat and getting his things before he’d finished cheering at this idea.

As he changed out of his slippers and into his shoes he changed the plan a bit.  He wanted to make an alien.  With four eyes and some antennae.  And ears, a nose and a smiling mouth, but not a lady’s mouth.

So, we made pizza.  He donned apron and hat again, and he spread the sauce on the base.  He sprinkled the mozzarella on top, and then I helped him slice some red pepper and a mushroom.  He wanted peas for eyes, with ham.  (I know I said he doesn’t eat meat, and that was almost true; he eats ham. ).  So that’s what he did.

Uncooked Alien Pizza

Alien face ready for the oven

He designed it himself and he put everything on himself, no help from me!  He was so excited as he stood back and watched it go in the oven.  He danced around singing “Alien time” and “pizza house” and “alien face” and such.

And when it was done he watched me take his alien out of the oven and screamed for Daddy to come and see his alien; he was even more excited than before.

Alien Pizza

All your pizza are belong to us.

Being excited about it all didn’t stop him from asking me to cut it up so he could eat it!  He ate it feature by feature, starting with the ears, and then the nose.  After that he cut the commentary to really concentrate on eating it all up.  There is now a plate with a single crumb, and a little man rubbing his tummy and declaring it to be the best pizza he’s ever eaten.

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  1. Lyn Blackledge on said:

    how wonderful!

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