There’s a kid in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?

Chef Cian

All ready to cook!

As you know, I love to cook and I feel lucky that Bean seems to have inherited this from me.  He sees me in the kitchen, cooking food he loves every day and he asks so many questions about it all.  What the different ingredients are, why I’m doing something, how I’m going to do that etc etc

At his nursery, he gets to cook.  Simple things mainly, like cornflake cakes.  Sometimes, they make butterfly cakes and biscuits, especially when there’s an opportunity to raise money for charities like Children in Need or Comic Relief.  Sometimes they make cakes to eat for their pudding in the afternoon.  Best of all, they get to make naan bread occasionally to eat with a mild curry for lunch.

Last year, Bean insisted on making a cake for Daddy’s birthday.  He put his apron on, washed his hans and stood on the kitchen step so he could reach.  he weighed out the ingredients, mixed them up, and poured the mix into the tin.  He didn’t want help from me, and only grudgingly accepted it when he couldn’t manage himself.  Still, the cake was lovely, and we decorated it too.

At Christmas, he was given a chef’s hat and apron and a child’s cooking kit and he was so excited!  This has spurred him on and he now insists on wearing both whenever he helps me make tea.  Recently, he wanted to cook the whole meal, so we chose a recipe from his Kids’ Kitchen recipe cards and went shopping.

Herby burgers were his choice (and a very good choice too!).  A small adjustment to the recipe made it gluten free, and all the recipes are vegetarian (Bean doesn’t eat meat).  Our food processor is in storage at the moment, so I helped him mash up the chick peas (he got bored with that quite quickly!), but he made the rest of the mix, and then shaped it into burger shapes.  And at the end of it, he was thoroughly proud of himself, and rightly so!

Chef Cian 2

Mushing chick peas takes a lot of concentration!

Chef Cian 3

Following the recipe to the letter…

Herby Burgers

And the finished article – very tasty Herby Burgers

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6 comments on “There’s a kid in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?

  1. Helen Lacey on said:

    Fantastic – this has really spurred me on to get out my Kids Kitchen cards and get the boys making some lovely food!

  2. That is so amazing!! I really hope Sam is as enthusiastic as Bean when he’s older. I think it’s so important for children to join in cooking home made yummy meals.

    Bean looks so cute in his chef’s hat – where did you get it from? Sam needs one!!

  3. Love the hat. I love it when kids show a joy of cooking.
    Your link to My WW.

  4. That’s impressive handiwork Bean!

    I did a cook & eat workshop at our local children’s centre with my 4-year-old and it was good fun – especially good to get a fussy eater to taste a few different things. He enjoyed making bean burgers too.

    This year I’ve made a pledge to start baking if only so I can spend time eating cake mixture with the little ones!

  5. They look so yummy! Nice work! 🙂

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