Book of the Week: The Great Race

Join the race with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac

The Great Race

And they’re off!  Thirteen creatures in China have come to the river to join in the Emperor’s race.  Who will win the ultimate honor of naming the first year of the new calendar?  And what will happen to the thirteenth animal?  Join Rat, Monkey, Dragon and all the others in this exciting race to the finish.

  • An easy-to-read retelling of the story of the Chinese Zodiac, with accessible endnotes on Chinese astrology and festivals and illustrations incorporate numbers in Chinese script.
  • Encourages reader interaction as children discover the animal sign of their birth year.
  • Tells a dual story of the race and also of why the cat and the rat become enemies.
  • “The book is a visual treat, with illustrations in simple collage designs on acrylic and painted backgrounds placed in such a way as to keep the eye engaged and moving” – School Library Journal

The Great Race is part of Barefoot Book Chinese New Year promotion and is reduced to £5.99 for the whole of February.

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