Dressed in Black again…

I love that song (Depeche Mode), but it is really beside the point for this post.  I was just browsing through some of the blogs I like to read (see list to the right) and came across a meme.  I haven’t taken part in one of these before, and haven’t been tagged for any.  However, A Place of My Own tagged anyone who is married for this wedding dress meme, so that’s good enough for me!

I think I had visions when I was a little girl of being married in a traditional/ish style dress in a church.  I remember at one point my Mum telling me she had saved her wedding dress (quite plain in many respects, which is something I adored about it) in case I wanted to wear it when I got married.  But by the time I was 15 or so, I was determined that this would not happen.  It seemed to go against the feminism I was discovering and those ideas went out of the window.  I said if I ever got married, I would wear black.  I meant it.

By the time I was in my early twenties, I decided that I would never marry, so the choice of dress seemed immaterial.  I sometimes idly thought that I loved the combination of a simple, ivory dress and deepest blood red roses, but knew that it would never happen.

Late in my twenties I met Stonelaughter and tings began to change.  After being together for a year, we decided to marry.  At least, we decided to handfast (we promised my parents we would legally marry a couple of weeks later.  In fact it took us over a year to get round to that, and I still have no idea on which date I was legally married, but that’s another story).

I don’t want to go on about our handfasting – again, another story (but a wonderful one, I think) – so one with the dress.

I knew that a traditional dress was out of the question.  As soon as we discussed making our relationship more permanent, I knew traditional weddings were not going to happen.  I didn’t want, in fact wanted almost anything but.  So traditional dresses were out too.  I hunted around on the internet, and found a clothing company who I had seen in the Corn Exchange in Leeds.  I’d loved Dark Angel’s clothes then, so I went through their catalogue and picked a couple of dresses out.  I spoke to them on the phone, and a few weeks later went to their studios near Halifax to be measured for a custom made dress.

I loved it.  Medieval.  Heavy velvet.  Very feminine.  Black.

My Dad made a little speech after the handfasting.  In it he made a terrible joke (I forgave him), and said that I’d always promised I would get married in black.  I was brought up to keep my promises!

Unfortunately, my photos of me wearing it are in storage as we’re selling our house, but here is a picture which shows the dress off beautifully.

My Wedding Dress

The Christina Dress from The Dark Angel

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