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Thursdays are always a busy day for me.  Six lessons, 5 of which are with exam classes and three of which are A Level classes.  And an after school meeting too.  I always feel like I’m playing catch up on Thursdays.

I got to my meeting tonight and made myself a cuppa, realising it was actually the first liquid I’d consumed all day.  I made a mental note to treat myself to making time for having a wee too.  I love Thursdays.

As well as being busy, Thursdays are a bit mad, just because of the variety of topics I cover.  I started off with “the Problem of Science”, went into rebirth and Nirvana, followed this up with an introduction to the Middle East crisis and then discussed commitment and diversity in Sikhism.  That was before lunch.  This afternoon I spent a double lesson discussing the problem of evil and omni-benevolence.

Sometimes, my job goes from the sublime to the ridiculous.  On Tuesday afternoon I spent 45 minutes looking at the conflicts in Ireland and Kashmir with an exam class and then another 45 minutes encouraging a group at the other end of the spectrum to colour in agricutural areas on an A3 map of our town.

To add to the chaos of Thursdays, I feel like I walk miles during my day too. I teach mainly in one classroom in main school and my office is nearby.  My Post 16 classroom is at the other end of the site.  My son attends the nursery on our campus, which is located at this end of the site.  On Thursday mornings, we walk from the car park to nursery – the complete length of the site – and then I walk almost all of the way back, to my office to get some work done for half an hour.  Then I walk back to where I just came from to teach a lesson.  50 minutes later, I walk back past my office to my classroom where I thankfully stay put for 3 lessons.  Back to the office for lunch.  Across to another office for a meeting (not too far), then back to the block I just came from for tutor time.  Then back to the P16 site for a double lesson, and then back to the office for more work and/or a meeting.  And that’s before I’ve walked back to nursery to collect Bean and take him home.

I’m exhausted.  Physically and mentally.

So, I thought I’d leave you to ponder some of the questions I have posed today.  Feel free to leave your answers  here…

  1. Should schools in the UK be free to teach Creationism alongside Evolution in Science lessons?
  2. What happens when we die?
  3. Can there be a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Israel/Palestine?
  4. Is a Sikh who has taken amrit a “better” Sikh than one who has chosen not to?
  5. God is defined as omniscient, omnipotent and omni-benevloent (amongst other things):  Can God commit evil acts?

Is it the weekend yet?

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